Let's easily divide the layers.
It is convenient for preparation under animation production!

▽ Please upload images in the following space. The image is colored. ▽

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How to use is surprisingly easy!
Just by uploading the image, you can separate the layers.

Have you taken the time to separate the layers?

To animate one image which isn't divided into layers, you clip and complement images.

To use advertisement materials, you would like to divide the layers of images.

Is the resource of an important designer deprived by the task that can be realized by AI?

Layers are divided by about 10 seconds by state-of-the-art AI technology! Besides cutting out, you can complement it to the back of the object so much!

By AI, we first recognize objects.

Cutting out the photo beautifully is difficult. Long time work will be needed if you manually try to complement the back side so much.


Q.What is Layer Decomposer?

A.It is a system using deep learning image processing technology. It generates images divided into layers from images that are not divided into layers such as photos and illustrations. It's not just about separating layers. It complements the back side of the object. Layer Decomposer is currently under development.

Q.Please tell me how to use Layer Decomposer.

A.Please prepare the images you want to divide into layers. Then upload that image to the dotted area marked "Drag images here or select files". After that, please select the image you wish to layered in the uploaded image. Layered images are displayed after waiting time of about 10 seconds.

Q.Please tell me about price.

A.You can choose to purchase a subscription plan or purchase cre8tiveAI each time by using Entry plan. Standard plan is more reasonable than Entry plan. Please click here if you would like to know about usage fee more .

Our other services

Photo Refiner (Image upscaler AI)

AI that can improve the resolution (Super Resolution, up-convert) of pictures, illustrations, etc, and also can up-convert an image by a factor of 16 times.

SAI (Face illustration generator AI)

SAI is an AI that draws face illustrations (icons) of characters. By learning the characteristics of the characters, you can draw over 1,000,000 different original illustrations quickly.

SAI+ (Full-body illustration generator AI)

SAI+ is a service that anyone can easily get high quality full-body illustrations through AI and illustrator collaboration.

Movie Refiner[coming soon]

AI that can improve videos quality various TV programs, movies, animation, etc.

Inpainter[coming soon]

AI that can remove unnecessary object from images and complement the background from estimation.

Outline Clipper[coming soon]

AI that can remove all unnecessary items in the background of the image and provide images that is hollowed out objects you want to keep.Product images posted on EC sites can be created at high speed.

Color Booster[coming soon]

AI that can increase brightness of image.By converting to HDR, it can correct the color of the image and generate colorful images .

Frame Extender[coming soon]

AI that can preserve the quality of the image and estimate the scenery that would be present around the image.

Mono Painter[coming soon]

AI that can put a color on monochrome images and illustrations.

Layer Decomposer[coming soon]

AI that recognizes objects in the image and separates each layer. AI also complements the back of the object.

In preparation

We are preparing for addition of new AI. If you have any comments, requests, or API consultation, please contact us from here